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Coo-Var Anti-Graffiti Clear Glaze Does Wonders For Public Artwork

Wednesday 1st October 2008

Painter and digital artist Paul Clifford turned to specialist paint manufacturer Coo-Var to ensure artwork at the new Winsford Lifestyle Centre building in Cheshire was left as its creators intended.

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Paul led a series of workshops for 4- to 14-year-olds during August's Play Days scheme, inviting youngsters to create screen printed silhouettes of themselves. He then used the images to create a garden-inspired display that now adorns the hoardings of the Winsford Lifestyle Centre.

Determined to protect it and keep it free from graffiti so that everyone could enjoy the fruits of the youngsters' labour, Paul knew that Coo-Var's anti-graffiti clear glaze was the only answer.

He said: "As it's going to be up until the opening of the lifestyle centre in 18 months, I had to use something durable, and it struck me that it could be used for our project.

"It works for me because it will protect the art and means I don't need to worry about people defacing the kid's hard work."

Cllr John Grimshaw, Lead Councillor for Recreation, Rural and Culture, said: "The workshops provided an excellent opportunity for the young people to work with a professional artist and come together to create a piece of art for public display."

Paul Clifford is available for public artworks.

Coo-var anti-graffiti glaze is available in 1kg and 5 kg packs. It is the ideal way to combat unwanted graffiti.

The glaze is available as either oil based or water based. Both can be applied with brush or roller to masonry, brick, plaster or wood to give a clear gloss finish.

The oil based anti-graffiti glaze (P101) is exceptionally hardwearing but cannot be used over all oil based paints.

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