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Coo-Var Paints the Town Red - FAST!

Wednesday 29th July 2009

Coo-Var used a special version of their High Build flooring system, Profloor Plus in their Old Paint Mill, designed to cure exceptionally quickly. This product helps to avoid any down-time. A team of their technical and area representatives had a first-hand demonstration of blasting techniques on the floor, which revealed a very interesting surface, then by applying Coo-Var Profloor Plus themselves.

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The area had been in use for over 100 years for paint manufacture. Teal & Mackrill have been in production of paints and varnishes since 1908 and a build-up had gathered on the old factory floor which is used for production. The floor was prepared using heavy duty planer to remove the impressive build-up of paint. The area was then abraded using a captive shot blasting system and was then diamond grinded around the periphery, leaving a fresh surface which was then ready for repairing and painting. Coo-Var Repair Mortar was used on small cracks and holes to avoid the paint from pooling.

Each team of two took the 5 kilo Profloor Plus kits in Tile Red and mixed the base and hardener together in the larger pale. This was then mixed using the slow setting on a drill using a paddle mixer. The expected pot life for Profloor Plus is just 20-30 minutes so the teams got to work straight away, one person brushing the edges while another used a short-pile roller to do the main floor area. The second coat went on exceptionally well the next day and the finished look is worlds apart from its previous appearance. The factory staff are delighted with how much easier wheels travel over the coating and the appearance is vastly improved.

Profloor Plus is available in 5 kilo units in Tile Red and Grey. An aggregated additive can be sprinkled on to create anti-slip walkways. For your nearest stockist, call 01482 328 053