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Coo-Var Fluorescent in spectacular art project

Friday 4th May 2012

Coo-Var Fluorescent Paint showcased at the Delamore Arts Exhibition.

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An artist is turning heads in a small English village after he painted a 300 year old oak tree pink with Coo-Var Fluorescent Paint.

Henry Bruce wanted to raise awareness of a fungal disease which is affecting trees across the country. So he spent two weeks working on the 21m-high oak tree which is suffering from decay in the grounds of the Delamore Estate in Cornwood, Devon.

Phytophthora is the latest deadly infection to hit Britain's trees after the disaster of Dutch Elm Disease in the 1970s and 80s, and more recently a disease which has taken down magnificent oak trees known as Sudden Oak Death.

The tree is part of the Delamore Art and Sculpture Exhibition. Mr Bruce's pink tree can be viewed every day this month from 10:30am to 4:30pm on the Delamore Estate.

The exhibition is only open to the public for one month a year.