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Product Highlights

Decowax cleans, protects and preserves wooden surfaces.

Treatment with this wax provides a beautiful shine removing superficial spots and scratches.

Used to temper bright colours,

apply an antique or gray patina or create a whitewash effect.

Gives untreated wood a colour or unique effect.

The Decowax metallic colours can be used to add exquisite sparkling effects to a wooden surface.

Available in 370ml

Product Description

Lacq Decowax is a wax that can be used to maintain wooden surfaces. Decowax is manufactured using traditional methods based on a 60-year old, proven recipe. The interaction of pure turpentine, all natural beeswax and carnauba wax, create a natural shine, structure and colour perception. Decowax provides a protective layer and evens out minor irregularities. This makes this wax extremely well-suited for treating furniture and floors, or as a protective top layer over chalk paint.

The possibility’s are endless!


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