Lacq Floor Varnish

Lacq Floor Varnish
  • Lacq Floor Varnish

Product Highlights

Available in 2.5Litre

Touch-dry: after approximately 7 hours

Paintable: after approximately 12 hours

Cured: after approximately 24 hours

Consumption on wood: approximately 13 m²/litre

On concrete and cement: approximately 10 m²/litre

Use depends on the absorbency of the substrate.

Apply with a brush, roller, soft-bristle broom or spray gun

Diluting agent: white spirit

Product Description

Vloerolie X10 ® floor varnish is a 1K polyurethane, clear, transparent sealer based on modified vegetable oil that dries to a gloss after more than two to three layers have been applied. Vloerolie X10 is renowned for its high quality for more than 40 years.

Vloerolie X10® is applied to concrete floors to enhance the appearance and to protect against wear. Vloerolie X10® prevents the dispersion of dust from untreated concrete floors. After treatment with Vloerolie X10®, floors are easy to keep clean as dirt or grease can no longer penetrate.