Rapid Oil 2C

Product Highlights

Colours and protects the wooden surface with just one coat

High penetration of the surface, nourishes the wood from within.

95% renewable product

8 premixed colours which can be used together to form new colours

Enriches the natural look of the wood

Completely solvent free

Durable protection with just one coat

Suited for all wooden surfaces, flooring and furniture

Product Description

Lacq Rapidoil 2C is a product consisting of 2 components. The A component is based on a vegetable oil and completely free of solvents. Just one coat of the product

gives colour and protection to the wooden surface. When the solvent free accelerator (B component) is added, the drying process of the oil is shortened considerably so the

surface can be used in less time. The A component can be used as maintenance oil on surfaces that have been treated with Rapidoil before.

Comes in these colours: *

  • Brown

* Please note that due to variations in monitor settings, the colours displayed here are for illustration purposes only.

For more accurate colour representation please request a colour card to be posted to you.