Squash Court Paint

Product Highlights

Provides a high impact resistant finish

Single PackFor Interior and Exterior use Suitable Surfaces: Masonry, plaster, paint

Finish: Matt

Application: Roller or brush

Drying time: Touch Dry 6-8 hours or 16-24 hours hard dry

Overcoat time: 12 hours or overnight

Estimated Coverage: 14m² per litre depending on the porosity of the surface

Product Description

A white durable coating for squash court ceilings, surrounds and all non playing surfaces. Protective and super hard wearing, our paint will allow any trapped moisture to be released through the coating withough flaking and blistering occuring. Squash court paint should not be painted on the playing surface.

As with all paint products please read the technical datasheet before use. If you have any questions or need technical advice we are here to help please call 01482 328053or email info@coo-var.co.uk.