The best floor paints on the market today - Part 1

Floor Sport & Line Part 1

The best type of floor paint is dependent on your floor’s requirements and needs.

Trying to find the right floor paint for your project can be a minefield of contradicting information. This article is designed to simplify that processes and help you choose the right floor paint for the job!

A good quality floor paint will provide wear resistance and durability, as well as giving that grey dull concrete a new lease of life!

Before getting started the first questions to ask yourself are:

  • What substrate are you looking to paint?

Concrete, Wood, Metal, Asphalt and Tarmac can all be easily painted. Many floor paints will be suitable for all of these substrates with a few exceptions; water-based floor paints such as Coo-Var’s Acrylic Floor Paint are better suited for tarmac and asphalt as they are flexible enough to move with the asphalt and not damage the surface underneath.

All floor paints will need a suitable primer when being applied to metal or wood to provide added protection and extend the lifespan and durability of the coating.

Check out Coo-Var’s Primer range here

For bare concrete floors, such as garages and warehouses simply prime the surface by applying a thinned down first coat of the floor paint chosen. Thinning the first coat will improve the absorption on the paint into the concrete. To thin down floor paint, simply pout the paint into a separate container, add 100ml of water for evert L of paint and mix thoroughly.

If choosing a two pack epoxy coating, make sure to prime the surface first with an appropriate epoxy primer.

  • How much traffic will the floor be subject to and what is my budget?

Choosing the best paint is dependent on how much traffic the floor will be subject to each day and what your budget is.

Low - Light foot traffic.

Medium - Medium foot traffic, with the occasional vehicle.

High - Heavy foot traffic, pallet trucks, forklifts.

See Part 2 for a handy table to help you choose the right paint to fit your requirements