Coo-Var Breakfast Club with Greggs Foundation

Coo-Var Breakfast Club with Greggs Foundation

Teal and Mackrill have recently joined up with the Greggs foundation to provide a breakfast club to a local school in Hull for the next two years. The Breakfast Club programme was established in 1999 to help primary school children get a nutritious start to their school day. Every school is provided with fresh bread from their nearest Greggs shop, and a grant to support start-up and ongoing costs.

From Wednesday 7th June each child at St Anthony's Primary School in Hull has the option to have nutritious breakfast and play games before school. This ensures all the children have a good breakfast before they start school enabling them to concentrate better, have improved health and nutrition whilst also socializing and making new friends.

Lynne Hindmarch from the Greggs Foundation stated 'I just wanted to say a special thanks to you all at Teal & Mackrill for your sponsorship for St Anthony's. We are extremely fortunate to have this partnership as it allows us to support families who are in the greatest need. We really appreciate all you have done to support us on our journey together. I hope you enjoyed your visit and you have a wonderful relations with the school.'

T&M are looking forward to working with the school & building long lasting relationships with the children. For more information on what is involved, please contact us at .


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