General Paint Questions

Q. Why is my paint coming off?

A: There are a number of reasons your paint may be coming off – it may be incompatible with the paint underneath, there may be contamination on the surface, the surface may not have been suitably prepared for the paint – if this occurs, call Technical services (01482 328053) who will be able to assist you.

Q. Can I put an oil-based paint onto a water-based paint?

A: As a rule of thumb, don’t mix paint systems. Water-based should be used on top of water-based, and oil-based should be used top of oil-based. There are a few exceptions, but these are stated on the product data sheets.

Q. Why can’t I spray this product?

A: There are a few products that cannot be sprayed, these are because of aggregate particles – like the case of Suregrip. Or, the consistency and drying time will not give you a good finish when sprayed. If you are looking for a paint to spray, please give Technical Services a call, and we can help you find a suitable product.

Q. How do 2 pack systems work?

A: 2 Pack paints are so named because they come in two cans, they are mixed together and chemically react and harden, rather than drying by evaporation or air-curing like conventional paints. These paints are much more hardwearing, resistant, and longer lasting compared to conventional paints, but as a result they are more expensive.

Q. Does your floor paint have a guarantee?

A. As the lifespan of paint is heavily dependent on the wear-and-tear and conditions experienced, we do not give a guarantee. Feel free to talk to our technical department (01482 328053) to find out the best system for your needs

Q. How can I tell if one of your products can be painted over a product from a different manufacturer?

A: It is always advisable to do a test area to check the compatibility of products. A failed test could result in blistering or chalking of the paint or a lack of successful adhesion.

Q. What is the best system for painting galvanised steel?

A: The best way to paint galvanised steel is to first T-wash with mordant solution. This treatment gives the paint coatings a “key” to ensure adherence to the surface. After this the galvanised steel can be treated like any other steel. Alternatively, All-Metals Primer can be painted directly on to galvanised steel, and a suitable topcoat can be selected.


Floor Paints

Q. Which floor paint product do you recommend for a warehouse floor with a high forklift traffic?

A: The most suitable floor paint for high traffic areas, and particularly where vehicles such as forklift trucks are used, is Coo-Var Profloor. This is a water-based two-pack epoxy-resin which is highly hard wearing and gives an off-gloss finish. For best results the surface should be primed with High Performance Primer. Or, for an even more durable floor paint that is more resistant to chemical attack, Profloor Plus is an ideal option.

Q. What would you recommend for a residential garage floor paint, where a long-lasting and durable coat is needed?

A: Coo-Var Profloor is an extremely durable floor paint meaning that is suitable where a long-lasting paint is needed. Prime the floor with High Performance Primer. Profloor Plus can be used if chemical resistance and even more durability is needed, but this should be used by professionals

Q. I am looking to put a protective coat on a painted warehouse floor, could you please recommend one of your products please?

A: Coo-Var Profloor is suitable for high-wear environments such as warehouses and can be painted on to bare concrete or previous epoxy coatings. We would always recommend that a test area is done first to check compatibility between the old and new coats.

Q. I am looking for a paint system suitable for painting external steel stairs

A. Our floor paints are suitable for external use- just make sure that the metal is primed with Zinc Phosphate to ensure successful adhesion of the coatings and to give excellent protection against corrosion. Alternatively, we have specialist paints for metals such as our Hammercote range, which can be applied by spray or brush either directly on to the surface or over All Metals Primer.

Q. What anti-slip paints do you do?

A. We have a range of anti-slip options for different needs. Suregrip is solvent based anti-slip paint, which comes with mixed aggregate ready mixed in. Use Coo-Var Floor Paint mixed with 10% white spirit to prime, before painting two thin coats of Suregrip.Alternatively, Anti-Slip Acrylic Floor Paint, is ready-mixed, low odour and fast drying water-based paint. To prime, just add 5% water for the first coat, before using two coats of undiluted Anti-Slip Acrylic Floor Paint. Our hard-wearing two-pack epoxy products, Profloor and Profloor Plus, also have optional anti-slip aggregates which are spread into the first coat, back-rolled in to achieve an even distribution, and then sealed in with the final coat.



Q) Can Shellac Prime-All be Tinted?

A: No

Q) Can your Waterbased Stain Lock be tinted?

A: Our Stain Lock can be tinted to pastel shades with universal colorants, which are VOC free and APEO free.

Q. Do I need an topcoat after using Zinc Phosphate Primer?

A. Yes, Zinc Phosphate Primer provides excellent corrosion protection and is excellent at ensuring good adhesion with the surface, but primers are generally not designed to be exposed to the elements or withstand the wear-and-tear that topcoats experience.


Varnishes & Oils

Q. Can you use Polyurethane Varnish on furniture with chalk paint on?

A. Polyurethane Varnish is suitable for furniture and can go over chalk paints. However, it is always advisable to do a test area first to check compatibility.

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