Please take a look below for some ot our frequently asked questions:

1) Can Shellac Prime-All be Tinted?
A: No

2) Can your Waterbased Stain Lock be tinted?
A: Our Stain Block can be tinted to pastel shades with universal colorants, which are VOC free and APEO free.

3) How do 2 pack systems work?
A: 2 Pack paints are so named because they come in two cans, they are mixed together and chemically react and harden, rather than drying by evaporation or air-curing like conventional paints. These paints are much more hardwearing, resistant, and longer lasting compared to conventional paints, but as a result they are more expensive.

4) Why is my paint coming off?
A: There are a number of reasons your paint may be coming off – it may be incompatible with the paint underneath, there may be contamination on the surface, the surface may not have been suitably prepared for the paint – if this occurs, call Technical services who will be able to assist you.

5) Can I put an oil-based paint onto a water-based paint?
A: As a rule of thumb, don’t mix paint systems. Water-based should be used on top of water-based, and oil-based should be used top of oil-based. There are a few exceptions, but these are stated on the product data sheets.

6) Why can’t I spray this product?
A: There are a few products that cannot be sprayed, these are because of aggregate particles – like the case of Suregrip. Or, the consistency and drying time will not give you a good finish when sprayed. If you are looking for a paint to spray, please give Technical Services a call, and we can help you find a suitable product.

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