A Guide To Swimming Pools

A Guide To Swimming Pools

If a pool is painted without care a host of problems are likely to occur. Always remember that a pool is a specialised structure and should not be treated as just another wall to be painted. For various technical reasons, most paints do not last when submerged in water. Teamac Chlorvar is a carefully selected blend of chlorinated rubber, pigment and solvent. In its dried form it will withstand constant immersion in normal pool water providing both an attractive decorative finish and a long life protective finish.

Our Technical Services Department can provide:

Information for specific application and ancillary items such as steel support structure over indoor pools.

Please contact us on 01482 328053.

Surfaces to be painted should be free from nibs, cavities and other imperfections. Any mould or oil stains must be removed. Moisture content of concrete should be below 14% prior to application of any coating.
New unpainted Concrete Pools
If a swimming pool is being constructed with a view to treatment with Chlorvar Chlorinated Rubber Paint a uniform wood float finish to the concrete is preferable to a steel trawled finish, which is more likely to produce a film of laitance or scum on the surface and may lead to poor adhesion or blistering of the enamel. To prevent back pressure the construction of the pool should have included a waterproof membrane on the soil side. Allow the structure to dry out thoroughly before painting (normally at least 28 days). The surfaces should then be treated with Acid Etch diluted three times with clean water:- Wet the surface with fresh clean water from a hosepipe and then apply the Acid Etch with a sweeping brush or turks head brush. The operator should wear rubber boots and gloves and wear suitable eye protection. The surface will foam vigorously and bubble. When the reaction has subsided, hose down to wash away loose particles of sand and all soluble materials until the washings are totally clean then leave at least 24 hours to dry out (i.e. less than 7% moisture content). If in any doubt contact Coo-Var Technical Services to be sure.

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