Preparing to Paint a Concrete Floor

Preparing to Paint a Concrete Floor

The best performance from any floor paint is only achieved if the surface to be painted is correctly prepared.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Always thoroughly stir any coating prior to use (1 to 3 mins). Always apply the product to the recommended thickness using the coverage guide, failure to do this will result in the drying time being extended and the performance of the product may be affected. The full hardness of most floor coatings is achieved over 5-7 days.

Concrete New Unpainted: Leave to cure and dry fully, normally about three months (or 1 month per inch of screed) or check moisture content is below 14%. Thoroughly remove any scale or salts, (Coo-Var Acid Etch is a good way to do this) particularly essential on power floated or exceptionally smooth surfaces to provide a key. Once clean, ensure surface is dry and then apply the selected Coo-Var floor coating according to directions. A priming coat will enhance performance.

Concrete Old Unpainted: Thoroughly clean and remove any grease or oil. This can be done with Coo-Var Universal Degreaser. Coo-Var Acid Etch may then be used to remove any residual scale or salts. It may be necessary to clean and roughen the surface with an industrial abrading machine where the surface has become polished by long term use, is smooth or granolithic. Apply the selected Coo-Var floor coating according to directions having removed all the residue of the cleaning process. Specific primers or a thinned first coat can be used to assist adhesion of any Coo-Var floor coating to the surface in extreme cases.

Concrete Old Previously Painted: Thoroughly clean and remove any loose/flaking material. Seal/etch prime any exposed areas as appropriate and ensure the previous paint is compatible with the selected Coo-Var floor coating. The new paint must “key” to the old. This can be done by roughening smooth surfaces. Coo-Var High Performance Primer can be used as a barrier coat between old and new coatings to prevent interaction and to prime the surface. Proceed as directed on the selected Coo-Var floor coating data sheet.

Ensure good ventilation and brush or roller out the correct film thickness. Take exceptional care to achieve this, especially on uneven surfaces to avoid pooling. Failure to do this will effect drying time and performance of the product. Check the first coat is dry before applying a second. Brush out any unavoidable pools which have formed.


1. Materials used must be mixed according to instructions using a slow speed mechanical drill or special paint stirrer for at least 2 minutes. Ensure that the full perimeter and depth of the container is covered by the mixing action. This will eliminate any soft spots caused by unmixed resins and ensure a uniform mix.

2. Primer and topcoat coverage will vary depending on the porosity and roughness of the surface.

3. Topcoats (i.e Profloor Plus, Profloor Floor Paint) should be brushed/rolled out to achieve the specified coverage at the correct dried film thickness. Failure to do this will result in an inconsistent or patchy finish.

4. Ensure overcoat times specified are followed. Failure to do this may result in a subsequent system failure.

5. Temperature and humidity are critical factors when applying two pack water based products. Temperature during application must be above 10°C and below 30°C. Excess humidity and extreme temperatures will affect the finish and can cause colour variation even in containers filled from the same batch product.

6. We recommend the same batch of a product to be used on a large area, this helps ensure a uniform finish and colour throughout.

7. Apply the product within the specified pot life.

8. Always read in full health & safety and technical information before using a product.

Two pack systems are chemically reactive and extra care should be taken when mixing and applying them.

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