Pro-Netic Water Based Magnetic Chalkboard Paint

Product Highlights

Can be overcoated to acheive other colours.

Water Based

Fast Drying

Low Odour

For interior

Suitable Surfaces: Wood, MDF or Plasterboard

Finish: Matt

Application: Brush

Drying time: Touch Dry 30 mins or 2 hours hard dry

Overcoat time: 6 hours

Estimated Coverage: 10m² per litre

Product Description

Coo-Var Pro-Netic water based magnetic chalkboard paint is a dual purpose coating that can produce a surface to which magnets will attach and is also suitable for use as a chalkboard. Pro-Netic provides a matt black finish which can create a magnetic notice board on suitably prepared wall areas, wood, MDF or plasterboard. For use in the home, schools, offices, restaurants and hotels.

As with all paint products please read the technical datasheet before use. If you have any questions or need technical advice we are here to help please call 01482 328053 or email


Pro-Netic Magnetic Chalkboard Paint FAQ's

What is Pro-Netic Magnetic Chalkboard Paint?

Pro-Netic Magnetic chalkboard paint is a type of paint that combines magnetic properties with a chalkboard finish, allowing surfaces to be used both as a chalkboard for writing and drawing and as a magnetic board for holding magnets.

How does Pro-Netic Magnetic Chalkboard Paint work?

The paint contains tiny particles of iron or other ferromagnetic materials that create a magnetic surface. When applied to a wall or other surface, it allows magnets to stick to it. The chalkboard component allows the surface to be written on with chalk or chalk markers.

How many coats of Pro-Netic Magnetic Chalkboard Paint do I need?

Typically, 4 coats are recommended for lighter magnets and 8 for stronger magnets. The more coats you apply, the stronger the magnetic properties will be.

Do I need to prime the surface before applying Pro-Netic Magnetic Chalkboard Paint?

Apply direct on to walls and wood. On nonferrous metal use Coo-Var All Metals Primer.

Can I use Pro-Netic Magnetic Chalkboard Paint on any surface?

Pro-Netic Magnetic Chalkboard Paint can be used on a variety of surfaces, including walls, wood and metal. However, the surface should be clean, smooth, and properly prepared (primed if necessary) for the best results.

Is Pro-Netic Magnetic Chalkboard Paint​ safe to use?

Pro-Netic Magnetic Chalkboard Paint is safe to use and is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs). However, it is always advisable to check the product's safety data sheet and use it in a well-ventilated area.

How do I clean a surface painted with Pro-Netic Magnetic Chalkboard Paint?

You can clean the chalkboard surface with a damp cloth or a chalkboard eraser. For stubborn chalk marks, a solution of water and mild soap can be used. Avoid using abrasive cleaners as they can damage the finish.

Can I repaint over Pro-Netic Magnetic Chalkboard Paint?

Yes, you can paint over it with a different paint if you no longer want a magnetic chalkboard surface. However, you may need to sand the surface to remove the magnetic particles and ensure a smooth finish for the new paint.

Does magnetic chalkboard paint come in different colors?

Pro-Netic Magnetic chalkboard paint comes in a black finish only.

How long does Pro-Netic Magnetic Chalkboard Paint​ take to dry?

Touch Dry 30 Minutes, Hard Dry 2 Hours and Full Hardness 5 - 7 Days.

Can I use chalk markers on Pro-Netic Magnetic Chalkboard Paint?

Yes, chalk markers can be used on magnetic chalkboard paint. They are often easier to clean and provide brighter colors than traditional chalk.

What are some creative uses for Pro-Netic Magnetic Chalkboard Paint?

In the Kitchen: For grocery lists, recipes, or family notes.

In the Office: For brainstorming, calendars, or to-do lists.

In Kids' Rooms: As a fun, interactive wall for drawing and learning.

In Classrooms: For educational activities and displaying students' work.

In Cafes or Restaurants: For menus or daily specials.


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Comes in these colours: *

  • Black

* Please note that due to variations in monitor settings, the colours displayed here are for illustration purposes only.

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