Swimming Pool Paint

Product Highlights

Single pack

Chlorinated rubber formulation

Easy to clean

Chemical resistant

UV resistant

Excellent durability

Product Description

Coo-Var Swimming Pool Paint a high quality chlorinated rubber swimming pool paint. With excellent scrub and chemical resistance, it is ideally suited to decorating and protecting concrete swimming pools. Ideal for newly constructed swimming pools.

Please review our guidance notes on how to paint your swimming pool before commencing use. This can be found under the Technical Information tab.

For Swimming Pool Paint FAQ's click here

If you are experiencing any problems painting your swimming pool you can review our troubleshooting guide.

Special colours are available on request, please speak to a member of our sales team on 01482 328053 for more information

As with all paint products please read the technical datasheet before use. If you have any questions or need technical advice we are here to help please call 01482 328053 or email info@coo-var.co.uk

Swimming Pool Paint FAQ's

Is Coo-Var Swimming Pool Paint the right choice?

When selecting paint for your swimming pool, consider the following factors:

1. Existing Coatings: Ensure compatibility with current coatings to prevent blistering caused by mixing incompatible paints.

2. Substrate, this swimming pool paint is suitable for concrete swimming pools, and the walls and ceilings in a swimming pool enviorment.

How long will the paint last?

The fading of paints is a natural occurrence, and the longevity of paint is contingent on two key factors: the quality of the initial preparation and painting, and the ongoing maintenance of the painted surface.

A surface that is inadequately prepared may experience failure within days or weeks, whereas a meticulously prepared one can endure for years.

Regular bi-annual inspections of the paintwork enable timely maintenance.

I have a hole/gap/crack - Will the paint fill it?

Paint serves as a thin film intended to cover surfaces, and using it to fill cracks, gaps, and holes is not advisable.

If you encounter gaps or cracks, it is recommended to use a compatible filler or seek advice from ourTechnical Services for proper guidance.

Can I use Coo-Var Swimming Pool Paint in other areas?

These paints can also be employed in various applications such as ponds, fountains, wet rooms, and more. If you have uncertainties or unique requirements, feel free to reach out to our Technical Services for assistance. We are here to guide you in finding the most suitable solution for your needs.

Can I just apply this over my existing coating?

The compatibility of Swimming Pool Paint depends on the current paint on your pool. Generally, it can be applied over most chlorinated rubber coatings. If you're uncertain about the existing paint, it's advisable to remove it and return to a bare surface for optimal results.

Why do I need to wait 14 days before filling my pool?

Typically, a period of 14 days is sufficient for the complete removal of solvent from both the paint and concrete.

I have an outdoor swimming pool, what is the best conditions for painting?

A warm cloudy day, avoid direct sunlight and rain.

Is this safe for marine life/children?

Once fully cured, Swimming Pool Paint is safe for both children and animals.

How long can I wait between coats?

48 hours to give the solvent enough time to leave the paint film.


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Standard delivery 48 to 72 hours (business hours). Prices are excluding VAT.

Zone Free Delivery on Orders Over Standard Delivery Charge
Zone 1 - UK Mainland £150 £7.00
Zone 2 - Highlands & Islands/Isle of Man/Isles of Scilly/Isle of Wight £350 £30.00
Channel Isles & Ireland - Contact 01482 328053    

*Please note that these prices only apply for UK Mainland and the Islands above.

If in doubt please call 01482 328052 or email info@coo-var.co.uk‚Äč

Comes in these colours: *

  • White

  • Pacific Blue

  • Azure Blue

  • Atlantic Blue

* Please note that due to variations in monitor settings, the colours displayed here are for illustration purposes only.

For more accurate colour representation please request a colour card to be posted to you.


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