Radiator Enamel

Product Highlights

Fast Drying

Water Based

Suitable Surfaces: Previously Painted Radiators

Finish: Mid Gloss

Application: Brush or roller

Drying time: Touch Dry 1 hour or 3 hours hard dry

Overcoat time: 3 hours

Estimated Coverage: 6-8m² per litre

Product Description

Coo-Var Radiator Enamel is a high performance, water based radiator enamel. Designed for application to domestic hot water radiators.

As with all paint products please read the technical datasheet before use. If you have any questions or need technical advice we are here to help please call 01482 328053or email info@coo-var.co.uk.



Radiator Enamel Paint FAQ's

What is Radiator Enamel Paint?

Radiator Enamel Paint is a heat-resistant paint specifically formulated for use on radiators and other high-temperature surfaces. It can withstand the temperatures radiators typically reach and provides a smooth, durable finish.

Why should I use Radiator Enamel Paint instead of regular paint?

Regular paint can blister, peel, or discolor when exposed to the high temperatures of a radiator. Radiator Enamel Paint is designed to resist these conditions, maintaining its appearance and adhesion over time.

Can Radiator Enamel Paint be used on any type of radiator?

Yes, Radiator Enamel Paint can be used on most types of radiators, including cast iron, steel, and aluminum. Ensure the surface is properly prepared for the best results.

How do I prepare a radiator for painting with enamel paint?

  • Turn Off and Cool Down: Ensure the radiator is turned off and completely cool.
  • Clean: Clean the radiator thoroughly to remove dust, dirt, grease, and rust.
  • Sand: Lightly sand the surface to create a smooth base and help the paint adhere better.
  • Prime (if necessary): Apply a suitable primer if the radiator has bare metal or rust spots.

Do I need a primer before applying Radiator Enamel Paint?

Using a primer is recommended, especially if the radiator has rust spots or bare metal. A primer helps the enamel paint adhere better and provides a more uniform finish.

How many coats of Radiator Enamel Paintare needed?

Typically, two coats of radiator enamel paint are recommended for even coverage and durability. Allow adequate drying time between coats as specified by the manufacturer.

How long does Radiator Enamel Painttake to dry?

Touch Dry 1 Hour and Hard Dry 2 Hours.

Can I use spray Radiator Enamel Paint?

No, this is for Brush and Roller Application.

Is radiator enamel paint safe to use indoors?

Most radiator enamel paints are safe for indoor use. However, ensure the room is well-ventilated during application and drying.

Can I paint a radiator while it is still attached to the wall?

Yes, you can paint a radiator while it is still attached to the wall. Make sure it is turned off and cool, and use masking tape to protect surrounding areas from paint.

What colors are available for radiator enamel paint?

Radiator enamel paint is available in white.

Will radiator enamel paint affect the radiator's heat output?

No, properly applied Radiator Enamel Paint should not affect the heat output.

How durable is Radiator Enamel Paint​?

Radiator enamel paint is very durable and resistant to chipping, cracking, and discoloration from heat. It is designed to withstand the temperature fluctuations and wear typical of radiators.

Can I repaint over old Radiator Enamel Paint?

Yes, you can repaint over old radiator enamel paint. Ensure the surface is clean, lightly sanded, and free of any loose or flaking paint before applying the new coat.


Standard delivery 48 to 72 hours (business hours). Prices are excluding VAT.

Zone Free Delivery on Orders Over Standard Delivery Charge
Zone 1 - UK Mainland £150 £7.00
Zone 2 - Highlands & Islands/Isle of Man/Isles of Scilly/Isle of Wight £350 £30.00
Channel Isles & Ireland - Contact 01482 328053    

*Please note that these prices only apply for UK Mainland and the Islands above.

If in doubt please call 01482 328052 or email info@coo-var.co.uk​

Comes in these colours: *

  • White

* Please note that due to variations in monitor settings, the colours displayed here are for illustration purposes only.

For more accurate colour representation please request a colour card to be posted to you.


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